Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Where do songs come from?

Good evening fellow bloggers, and welcome to my blog on songwriting. 
I've initiated this because I'm always amazed at how many people love to write.  From poetry, prose or lyrics, most of my friends are writers.  I wanted to start this blog so anyone who is inclined to speak freely of their own experiences with writing, can feel safe and un-judged.  When I was a little girl I would write snippets of lyrics just to go along with whatever riff I was learning on the guitar.  When I got more than a snippet, I would be urged to finish it. I don't know what that urge is, and hence this is the subject of my blog.  In the privacy of one's bedroom or home, I believe we all share this urge, maybe we don't finish it; or maybe we ignore it, or maybe we are masters.  I don't know where any of this will go, if it will be read or not, the point of it all is to go beyond borders and self-limitations and listen to one another. 

A little more...

As I was saying, the "finished" song I was writing in the basement of my parent's home in Midvale, Utah, was mine. It felt new, and warm.  However, when my mother heard it, or I had confided in her that I had composed something, ( that makes it sound like I wasn't sure of myself.... I WASN'T), and for whatever reason she liked it, then I would be asked to perform it for her friends.... OMG.
This is where I think a lot of us fall off.  It's one thing to have your song, and sing it for yourself, but it's an entirely different event when other ears are now in on your game.  It's frightening.  But, it isn't life threatening. It is a feeling of exposure and some of us do not like it.  That's ok! One experience in my Junior High talent show, (for the entire student body and I was in 7th grade), had my knees shaking so hard that I was certain everyone could see!!  This was far worse than playing for my mother's friends in the living room. But I didn't stop, I couldn't and why is that?  We often talk ourselves right out of anything uncomfortable. I don't blame you, but what made me keep going? What makes you keep writing?  I suppose some of the songs I wrote when I was ten, had to do with imagining someone I wanted to know.  But where do these feelings come from when you're ten and there is school and society looming?  It's different for everyone I suppose, so please, if you feel like sharing with me I would love to hear your thoughts, stories and summations.  If you've read this far,
I thank you.